Barrons GRE High-Frequency Words. Vocabulary List. WORD. MEANING. Abate subside, or moderate. Aberrant abnormal, or deviant. Abeyance. GRE Barron's word list - high frequency words. The below link takes to you a page where you can download a PDF copy of words. Courses Standardised tests Graduate School. Test takers preparing to take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) must command a high-level vocabulary to achieve a high score. This course includes the definitions of words often appearing on the GRE.

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    Barrons 333 Wordlist Pdf

    Barrons GRE High-Frequency Words. Vocabulary List. WORD MEANING Abate subside, or moderate. Aberrant abnormal, or deviant. Abeyance suspended. Barrons High Freq Words With Meanings - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File Barron's High-Frequency GRE Word List flashcards _ Barron's High-Frequency GRE Word List Study online at .. GERRYMANDER TO DIVIDE AN AREA INTO VOTING A LAW DISTRICTS IN A WAY THAT

    WORD MEANING Abate subside , or moderate Aberrant abnormal, or deviant Abeyance suspended action Abscond depart secretly and hide Abstemious sparing in eating and drinking; temperate Admonish warn; reprove Adulterate make impure by adding inferior or tainted substances Aesthetic artistic; dealing with or capable of appreciating the beautiful Aggregate gather; accumulate Alacrity cheerful promptness; eagerness Alleviate relieve Amalgamate combine; unite in one body Ambiguous unclear or doubtful in meaning Ambivalence the state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes Ameliorate improve Anachronism something or someone misplaced in time Analogous comparable Anarchy absence of governing body; state of disorder Anomalous abnormal; irregular Antipathy aversion; dislike Apathy lack of caring; indifference Appease pacify or soothe; relieve Apprise inform Approbation approval Appropriate v. Banal hackneyed; commonplace; trite; lacking originality Belie contradict; give a false impression 1. Beneficent kindly; doing good Bolster support; reinforce Bombastic pompous; using inflated language Boorish rude; insensitive Burgeon grow forth; send out buds Burnish make shiny by rubbing; polish Buttress v. Capricious unpredictable; fickle Castigation punishment; severe criticism Catalyst agent that increases the pace of a chemical action Caustic burning; sarcastically biting Chicanery trickery; deception Coagulate thicken; congeal; clot Coda concluding section of a musical or literary composition; summarizes or concludes Cogent convincing Commensurate adj. Digression Wandering away from the subject Dirge Lament with music Disabuse correct a false impression. Eulogy expression of praise. Implicit understood but not stated Implode burst inward Inadvertently unintentionally.

    Remember to take note while reading. For AWA, I got 3. Rushing will only make you easier to create mistakes. Source of picture: link Remember to learn every term of math, geometry,… like perpendicular, intersect, congruent… so that you will not misunderstand them. For Quantitative Comparison Questions around number Read the question again before moving on to the next question C.

    Do this about 3 weeks to 1 month before the test date and keep logs on your results. It helped to improve my score a lot! Remember to take notes on where your mistakes are and learn from that! So make sure that you do it well on these mock test first. Profligate adj. Prosaic adj.

    Ameliorate v. Obsequious adj. Capricious adj. Fortuitous adj.

    Barrons High Freq Words With Meanings

    Orthodox adj. Alacrity noun — lively and cheerful readiness After marriage, Jenny rushed off with excitement to visit her parents, but her father did not accept their marriage with equal alacrity. Pellucid adj. Corroborate v. Magnanimous adj. Scrupulous adj.

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    Prolific adj. Dogmatic adj. Placate v. Mercurial adj. Exacerbate v. Redundant adj. Hackneyed adj. Prudent adj.

    Belie v. Esoteric adj.

    Niobe submitted a thesis with his analysis and computations — a fairly esoteric mathematical dissent about how best to gather rational generalizations on the origin of the universe theory.

    Cacophony noun — a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds The cacophony surrounding the multi-billion dollar downloadout of leading messaging service by a social networking company shook the whole tech industry.

    Impetuous adj. Idiosyncrasy noun — a way of thought peculiar to an individual Modern technologies are a lot more expensive than their existing alternatives and each has its own idiosyncrasies that be conquered.

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    Extant adj. Obscure adj. Didactic adj. Pithy adj. Copious adj. Ostentation adj. Adulterate verb alter or debase, often for profit Of all teas, I love green tea the most and would never adulterate it with sweeteners; even a pitch of sugar would be a desecration.

    Vociferous adj.

    Taciturn adj. Obdurate adj. Garrulous adj. Lionize verb — treat someone as a celebrity The retired lieutenant is being lionized as a paragon of integrity for standing up against corruption. Imminent adj. Frivolous adj — trivial, silly Ram was passionate and serious about collecting coins but his friends thought it was a frivolous activity. Benign adj.

    Dissonance noun — lack of harmony, disagreement There is a great deal of dissonance between the conflicting evidences produced by both the parties and hence the judge had to close the case on account of lack of sufficient evidence. Inculpate verb — accuse or blame Although the killer successfully disposed of the murder weapon, his friends provided evidence that could actually inculpate both the killer and the people who tried to cover up the killing.

    Docile adj. Sporadic adj. Prevaricate verb — deceive; stretch the truth Aria does not take bad news well and hence her brother always prevaricates when telling her something she does not want to hear. Chicanery noun — deception, trickery The judge has plenty of reason to suspect chicanery because the lawyer has a reputation of aggressively defending his clients and of getting verdicts of innocence on guilty Policemen.

    Gainsay verb — deny or contradict Some of the officers were about to reject the project, but it had come from them, they could not well gainsay it. Eulogy noun — praise, exclamation Public officials and her friends joined in a chorus of eulogy and remembrances for many days afterward as Michelle signs on the human rights doctrine. Belligerent adj. Dispassionate adj.

    Providential adj. Fractious adj. Malign adj. Disparate adj. Plausible adj. Sanguine adj. Venerate v. Trite adj. Johnson delivered movements with any firmness; and even he was moving with such a professional awe that rendered everything trite. Succinct adj. Ingenious adj. Meticulous adj. Erudite adj. Jane, who grew up in near poverty, became an erudite, self-educated woman and loves sharing her knowledge with others.

    Bolster v.


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